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Top rated Plasma TVs in 2014


Whether you want to follow your favorite sports team, watch your most preferred TV show or be captivated by a great movie, you need one of the best plasma TVs. But being just a plama TV doesn`t cut it anymore and now it has to include wireless technology as well, so you can stream movies, videos, music directly from web sources. Keeping in mind the strong points of every model, we have made up a list with the top plasma TVs to watch out for.


Tips on getting the best Plasma TV – Buying Guide


Purchasing that new television set can be a bit difficult when the market packs so many possibilities. Reducing the number down to two or one, may prove to be far more difficult than originally thought. There are many TVs out there: LED, LCD or plasma based. According to recent statistics it seems that more and more people are now shopping for a new plasma TV, designed to enrich their visual pleasure. Retailers, experienced shoppers, salespeople and internet sources can give you a keen insight on the functionality of the best plasma TVs. With a detailed plasma TV buying guide, you will be able to discover the right product for your home. The perfect TV for your home is out there! How to find the best plasma TV? Well, this is an important question that needs to be answered with attention, and only by reading technical reviews on the best models.

The line of 2014 plasma TVs are more than great! Time to select one that can enrich your daily cinematic world bringing movies, TV shows and documentaries to a new level! The trick is to discover better the new world of plasma TVs and understand why thousands of people resort to such devices in order to see all that they want in HD. It is important to have in your living room and dorm room high quality plasma, with high ratings and positive user testimonials. There are a couple of things to consider before you select a new television set for your home.


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In this guide, you will be able to understand better the makings of top rated models. High picture quality is absolutely imperative to any plasma TV. Certain technical specifications need to be present in the TV you desire to purchase. There are features like refresh rate (120Hz, 240Hz, 600Hz and many more), CMR, SPS, MotionFlow, TruMotion that are directly responsible with the picture clarity obtained. One of the most important aspect that you need to consider size, depending where you want to install the TV. Let’s say 32 inch for bedroom, 46, 55, 80 inches for living room! If you want to replace your old TV with high quality plasma then a heightened understanding on the top products is absolutely mandatory.

How to find the best plasma TV? Get informed and pick out the ideal model for your home. Furthermore there are also other important features that need to be present: Smart technology, refresh rates, 3D option. Finding a plasma TV needs to take into consideration price, design and style. Why? It’s important to personalize the whole visual experience by finding one suited to your character.

Plasma TVs were designed with attention in order to deliver a heightened visual experience, irrespective of your activity. Just imagine playing your favourite video games on a big screened plasma TV, packing in hour after hour of fun. Style and video performance come together and deliver a great visual experience every time you want. Simply press play and watch the magic enfold with high definition and crystal clear imaging. The trick is to find a great plasma TV and simply warm up to vibrant colours, sharp and smooth videos, crystal clear pictures. With a better understanding on the best plasma TVs you will be able to enjoy quality moments with friends and family members.


What our experts recommend:


Samsung PN43F4500 Plasma HDTV


1Are you having a difficult time choosing a suitable plasma TV with an affordable price? Our team of experts has come up with a solution, Samsung PN43F4500. The design has a pleasant aspect, as you would expect from a plasma TV made by this renowned brand. The HD capability will guarantee its user a good picture quality. By far its most impressive feature is the 600Hz Refresh Rate, that will provide a blur free picture for fast action images, like movie battle scenes or sport competitions. The sound quality is also enhanced by the built-in subwoofer.

“It’s been almost a year since I bought this Plasma HDTV and still I didn’t see one dead pixel on its display. The video quality is excellent for me and the 600 Hz refresh rate lets me follow the Raptors every single game, without any blur. I honestly believe it’s the best plasma TV 2014.” – David E. Keeton

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LG Electronics 42PN4500 Plasma TV


2LG Electronics 42PN500 has all the features necessary to provide you with an excellent video experience, whether you want to watch your favorite program, a movie and so on. Not one moment will be missed from fast moving pictures, thanks to the 600Hz refresh rate. This plasma TV is also Energy Star qualified and it will be 30% more efficient than your standard TV model. The slim design makes it a perfect choice for a modern day room. All these premium features can be yours for a very low price, easily affordable even by a customer with an average budget.

“Through this plasma TV, I’ve managed to make the perfect gift for my parents. I bought it for its impressive refresh rate, so my father manages to watch his baseball games in a high picture quality. This TV was recommended to me by the best plasma TV reviews.” – Michelle J. Reyna

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Panasonic TC-P50S60 50-Inch Plasma HDTV


Best Plasma TV ReviewsThe best Panasonic plasma TV reviews recognize the class of the TC-P50S60 and recommend it for the superior features it has to offer.  Full HD and 3D pictures can be displayed by the 50 inch screen, the best a modern day plasma TV can offer. Panasonic TVs are renowned for their excellent black levels and this model doesn’t prove to be an exception. Also the built-in Wi-Fi will let the user stream movies in a jiffy. If you are worried about the blur effect, don`t be, because it has a 600Hz refresh rate.

“Plasma TVs don’t get much better than the Panasonic P50S60 and thanks to it I manage to have the best video quality in my very own living room. The 3D images are great and I enjoy spending time in front of it, watching different programs.” Richard Porter

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Panasonic TC-P65VT60 65-inch 3D Smart Plasma HDTV


Are you ready to expand the quality of your daily cinematic experience? If you are then choose without reservations one of the most appreciated plasma TV in 2014 from Panasonic, TC-P65VT60. This carefully designed 65 inch plasma TV offers stunning picture quality, with rich, deep and robust blacks every time you turn it on. It will brightened up your daily video experience with high quality video resolutions, precise and velvety gradations and unique colors. The plasma TV has a sleek and beautiful design, blending in nicely in any room you want to install it. It also features 3D technology for enhanced cinematic quality whenever you want.

I always kept my head up for Panasonic plasma TVs since their models never disappointed me. Now, things look up with TC-P65VT60, a stunning TV that my husband adores and my children use a daily source of game pleasure. I recommend this plasma TV for anyone looking to enjoy quality television or beloved movies.” – Tina Georgia

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Panasonic TC-P55ST50 55-Inch Plasma TV


One of the most popular plasma TVs you are even going to hear about is the Panasonic TC-P55ST50 because it offers so many advantages and it is very reliable. One of its best features is  the extra fast 2D to 3D conversion. The Full HD picture quality pays great attention to detail and exceeds in rivals when it comes to dark black levels. The 600 Hz sub-field drive will make sure blur won’t ever bother you while watching your favorite sport. The wireless technology which equips it allows you to stream videos quickly directly from sites like Pandora, Youtube and many more. We consider it to be a great plasma TV, while some experts even go as far as to name it the top rated plasma TV in 2014.

“The color display of this plasma HDTV is stunning and from when I first saw it, I knew I had to have it. The smart TV capabilities work to perfection and I manage to stream movies or access social network sites easily and fast.” Mark Hughes

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Samsung PN51E530 51-Inch Plasma HDTV


The best plasma TV reviews in 2014 point out that the Samsung PN51E530 has all the necessary features to enhance your video experience. The Full HD capabilities pay extra attention to details, making the pictures displayed have a natural feel to them. It is a smart TV as well, letting you stream movies and videos with its easy to use web browser. Fast motion pictures, like sport events, will be shown to you without any blur because of its 600 Hz sub-field drive. The design, like for almost Samsung models, is very modern, looking at its best when it is mounted on a living room wall.

“Samsung managed to combine to perfection a nice design with top features, making this plasma TV ideal, in my opinion. These are the reasons why I bought it and for sure I made the best choice possible. I love watching sports events on it and recommend it to other Heat fans out there.” James Norton

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LG Electronics 50PN6500 50-Inch Plasma HDTV


A plasma TV which has en excellent price-quality ratio is the LG 50PN6500. The crisp details and the natural like colors, are portrayed in Full HD resolution. Sports frames and also video games won`t prove to be a problem for this plasma TV. No blur will bother you in these scenarios because the TV is equipped with a state-of-the-art 600Hz sub-field drive. You won`t consume too much power either, because it has an Energy Star certificate. These features and more are appreciated by the best best plasma TV reviews in 2014.

“Vivid colors, an excellent contrast, smart TV capabilities, these are just a few of the things the LG 50PN6500 had to offer me. When I play video games I don’t see one trace of motion blur. After having the pleasure of owing it for several months, I can conclude that it is a top HDTV without a doubt!” Will Jackson

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Samsung PN51F8500 51-Inch Plasma HDTV


A very successful plasma TV from Samsung with an excellent video performance level is the PN51F8500. One of the most wonderful aspects of this HDTV is the design, which is very modern, looking like a very high-tech device. It has 3D capabilities and an excellent conversion rate as well. The 600 Hz refresh rate eliminates any trace of motion blur, no matter how action packed the video is.  The built-in wireless grants it a smart TV description, so you can have access to movie or social network sites. Also, you will get a built-in camera for Skype sessions with the people that matter to you or maybe even for a job interview.

“I thinks this plasma HDTV has the most modern design of any other similar TVs. But this is not the only thing I bought it for. Its video quality is superior, Full HD and 3D, plus it is a smart TV as well. I have to recommend it, because a plasma TV doesn’t get much better than this.” Andrew Salinger

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